About Us

It has been more then 8 years now when WTW Apps Sdn Bhd (formally Jana Tiga Sdn Bhd) was established. It’s a fun challenging corporate ride and more to come in future.

WRW Apps was founded upon seeing a future forward trend of mobile, Technology graph bell does not lie so far, thus it is logical to ride on the wave while it is still building up. Being a technological company, we have always hold and grasp our vision of “Future in Your Hand”. Literally. We believe the future is with Apps – and since the world is moving towards mobile, it’ll be mobile apps that will dominate.

Aspect of human computer interaction has always overlapped and intertwined with the devices and technology that we use. In today’s world, that voice and devices in hand – thus WTW Apps attention to usability and User Interface on each of our delivery. It’s that smal interaction experience that makes all the big differences.

We envisioned ourselves to be the go-to solution and consultation provider of the mobile application sector, regionally in Asia if not globally.